Otter Outdoors Vortex Hub Giveaway!!

Otter and Clayton Schick Outdoors have teamed up to giveaway two Otter Vortex Cabin Shelters!! To enter you have to be subscribed to Clayton Schick Outdoors and comment below this video whether you are from USA or CANADA. Make sure your subscriptions are set to public so I can see you are subscribed to the channel :)



  • USA

    kenneth wilson
  • I love the video you do.

    Brandy Cheney
  • Clayton…I LOVE watching you fish! You are a kind and gentle fisherman and that is really appealing to me. It irritates me when a fish gets caught and it’s out of the water, what seems like FOREVER….you on the other hand, make it a priority to get them back in a safe place…so thank you for being you!
    I wish the borders were opened because I would love to meet you out on the ice someday for a little bit of fishin’…. so fun!

  • Big fan from Wyoming, USA

    Chris Fulghum
  • Canada


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