Small-Mouth Bass at Rocky Lake Manitoba!

In this video I headed to Rocky Lake in Northern Manitoba with one goal in mind.  This goal was to locate and catch some small-mouth bass, which ended up going very well!  I set out with a game plan to cast a twitch bait first to locate the bass and then switch over to a ned-rig to fish them with a little more finesse.  With all of the research I had done I kept coming across that the smallies would group up in a school quite frequently and it was very possible to catch quite a few in a small area.  I had also read that I would be there during the start of their transition from shallow to deeper structure so I wasn't sure what to expect with this day.  

I spent the first 30 minutes of my day just looking around and getting a feel for the lake, once I got a feel for the lake I started to pick a few spots that looked “fishy.” I remember the moment quite well when I pulled up to a shore line and said “this looks fishy.” On my second cast in that area I hooked into my first small-mouth bass of the day and everything started to roll from there.  I was able to locate and catch about a dozen bass and was pretty sure I had a pattern figured out, which I was soon to find out that was not the case. I was convinced I would find the bass only on the main lake points and structure that was closer to the deeper water.  I decided to check out a little cove only for the reason my instincts pulled me over to it and was like you really need to make some casts in there.  Two casts later I quickly figured out that this little cove was FULL of bass.  I sat there for about 30 minutes probably catching between 15-20 bass when I decided to move on and search for some new waters.  I ended up finding several more spots and quite a few bass with a couple of decent fish.  The biggest bass of the day ended up being 16.5”.  I am already looking forward to getting back to Rocky Lake and chasing those smallies again! Thank you to Rocky Lake Resort for having me, you have some wonderful accommodations I can’t wait to come back!  To watch the full video of my day, click on the picture and it will take you to my YouTube channel where you will find that video and a bunch more!  Cheers to everyone!!


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