• Prime TIME Walleye!

    It is really hard to beat Prime Time when it comes to Walleye fishing, the peak hours of the day can be what will turn your slow day into an epic d...
  • Early Ice for GIANT WALLEYE! (Back to Back)

    This was one of the best days of fishing I have had in a LONG time! It is not everyday you have a chance at icing back to back 10lb class Walleye! ...
  • First Ice Walleye!!

    Way too much fun with the first ice fishing trip of the year!!  I don't know if there is a better way to fish Walleye than first ice and having the...

    Tyson smoked a GIANT Walleye right at the end of the day.  We decided to have a 1vs1 challenge this day on who could catch the most fish. Of course...
  • Jig 'N' Minnows

    One of the best methods to catch Walleye in the fall time is the good old Jig N minnow.  On this trip I had Tyson Reiter with me and we stayed at t...
  • Where are the Walleye??

    I set out for the afternoon with my buddy Carter Exner, and we went to an old school lake where it all started for me.  The target was going to be ...
  • Jigging Rap Walleye!!

    I can never get enough of chasing Walleyes with snap baits!  Jigging Raps are a great way to target aggressive Walleye!   
  • 15lbs+ bag of Bass! (Top 5 Bass)

    Headed to Boundary Dam in search of some Large Mouth Bass!  Took a while to get into them, but once I found them it was game on!!!    
  • I bought a BOAT!!

    Headed out for an early morning drive to pick up the new boat!!  What did I buy??      
  • Walleye Slam

    What a crazy fun day of fishing in Northern Manitoba!  I headed up to the Cranberry Lakes and stayed at Caribou lodge for the second time this wint...
  • REALLY BIG Lake Trout!!

    This is by far the best under-water video I have captured of a big Lake Trout eating my tube jig!  What a crazy fun day!!!

    Here are parts 1 and 2 of the Uncut Angling -vs- Everybody tournament from March 2019.  I can not wait for another event like this!!